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Fashions, trends, little tips and curiosities await you.

    Fedi Nuziali (2)

    The choice of wedding rings

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    A ring that binds for life. The wedding ring: symbol of everlasting love. One of the moments that always fills me with excitement during the weddings I organize is the exchange of rings at the altar. Wedding rings represent the unbreakable bond between two kindred souls. When I think about these precious symbols, I can’t help but reflect on thei…
    Sposa Bagnata

    A wet bride is a lucky bride

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    In Italy there’s a say: “A wet bride is a lucky bride” …but is that true? Dear brides and friends, There are dreams that take shape in our minds when we imagine the wedding day. A bright sun, a blue sky, and a gentle spring breeze caressing the faces of the newlyweds. Yes, it’s true, all of us ardently desire such a day, where time seems to da…
    Francesco Merletti Fiori

    A new site for your dreams

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    Dear spouses and friends, We are thrilled to present you our new website, the result of a process of reflection and renewal whose main objective is to be even closer to you and your needs. In this first article of our blog, we want to share with you the reasons that prompted us to renew our online space, the importance of choosing an expert prof…