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    Wedding Award 2024

    A Collection of Gold in the World of Weddings

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    For the sixth consecutive year, FM wins the Wedding Awards! Dear brides and grooms, friends, Today, I share with you a milestone that fills me with joy and pride. My work is an ongoing journey of emotions, challenges, successes, and above all, numerous love dreams turned into reality. Now, take a moment and picture this scene with me: for…

    Wedding Favor

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    When the Wedding Favor becomes a tasty memory Edible Favors: an original and delicious alternative Dear brides, grooms, and friends, We recently shared some truly special edible favors on our social media: refined liquor bottles that have been a huge success. This post sparked an idea in a dear friend, a future groom, who contacted me for advice…
    Fedi Nuziali (2)

    The choice of wedding rings

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    A ring that binds for life. The wedding ring: symbol of everlasting love. One of the moments that always fills me with excitement during the weddings I organize is the exchange of rings at the altar. Wedding rings represent the unbreakable bond between two kindred souls. When I think about these precious symbols, I can’t help but reflect on thei…
    Sposa Bagnata

    A wet bride is a lucky bride

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    In Italy there’s a say: “A wet bride is a lucky bride” …but is that true? Dear brides and friends, There are dreams that take shape in our minds when we imagine the wedding day. A bright sun, a blue sky, and a gentle spring breeze caressing the faces of the newlyweds. Yes, it’s true, all of us ardently desire such a day, where time seems to da…