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How to smartly manage your budget for your dream wedding


Organizing the magic of the Big Day without wasting a single euro

Dear brides and grooms, friends,

Every journey to the altar begins with two simple words: “I do.” But behind these words hides a world of choices, desires, and, naturally, costs. Yes, because a wedding, besides being the most beautiful day of your life, is also an event that requires careful financial planning

The key to a peaceful and stress-free walk down the aisle? One word: communication. Before diving into the planning of your big day, take a moment to sit side by side, heart to heart, and openly discuss the budget. It is essential that both of you are on the same wavelength regarding how much you want and can afford to spend. It may sometimes seem difficult to balance dreams and financial resources, especially when each partner has their own preferences and priorities. However, deciding on a comprehensive budget together is the foundation on which to build the castle of your fairy-tale wedding, allowing you to be serene and in tune with your actual possibilities. 

Don’t worry! We are here to navigate together the sometimes choppy waters of nuptial budget management and to ensure that every choice reflects a shared dream.

One of the first questions I will ask you when we start working together on your big day is precisely the expected budget. It’s essential and will allow me to advise you best on the choices.

A journey through the numbers: an overview of costs

The average amount for a wedding in Italy? About 25,000 euros. Did you know that catering absorbs a whopping 55% of the expenses? Or that the location is the second biggest investment at 18%? According to a recent survey, these are statistics that can guide us towards optimal resource management, as you can see in the chart developed by Will Media, based on data from the Moneyfarm Study Center.

The wish list vs. The wallet reality

First of all, dear brides and grooms, it is essential to establish a budget. Here are three simple steps to prevent the “I do” from turning into a sigh of concern.

  1. Identify a budget – as we said earlier, this is the first (…and fundamental) step to take. Be prepared also for small variations: it’s not always easy to identify a budget before knowing all the costs that make up a special day like this!
  2. Recognize your priorities – choose what is really important to you. Is it the thousand-and-one-night location or the photographer capable of capturing the essence of your love?
  3. Be realistic – a reasonable guest list will not only save you money but will make your day even more intimate and personal.

Alright, let’s get to work.

Once you have identified what you think your maximum budget should be, you can think of using the percentages reworked from the research to understand what the amount might be for each chapter of expenditure. At this point, you can consider resizing some items in favor of others but, attention, always remember that we are talking about your special day!

Let’s make some considerations together:

  • Yes, the ceremony and reception are indispensable, but what counts is the quality of the people with whom you share your day, not the quantity. Writing the guest list is a process tied to the choice of budget. Let’s not beat around the bush: more guests mean a greater investment!
  • And the location? Do you know the magic of a carefully chosen restaurant? Intimate, cozy, and often more affordable than a wedding villa. Be careful with what I call “hidden costs”: locations often present “extras” that may not be clear at the time of the contract.
  • For the photographer, remember: images are the fragments of time you will keep forever, so choose with your heart as well as your wallet. I’ve lost count of the couples I’ve accompanied who wanted to save on this item but regretted it, perhaps relying on a cousin. (LINK TO THE COUSIN PAGE)
  • And the wedding dress? Choosing the right dress is like finding the second half of your heart: it should make you feel unique and special on your big day. Whether you are oriented towards a custom-made masterpiece, a gem found in an exclusive atelier, or the warmth of a homemade dress, impregnated with family affection, let your dress be the reflection of your love without forgetting the budget you have established. Elegance and beauty are not always a matter of figures, but how much a dress can tell your story.
  • Let’s move on to the wedding cake, the queen of the banquet! Yes, it must be splendid and delicious, a real feast for the eyes and palate, but let me tell you: the perfect cake reflects the taste and style of the celebrants. I suggest you explore the options with local pastry chefs or why not involve a family bakery? Personalization is the real key to a cake that leaves an indelible memory in your guests, and often this solution can also align harmoniously with your budget. Often locations have special agreements with pastry shops: you might be able to save thanks to these agreements!
  • Flowers and arrangements: these are brushstrokes of color that bring your bridal canvas to life. As you have seen from the chart, the investment is close to that for the photographer. This testifies to the importance of floral details. Remember: the art of setting up is in balance and harmony, not in the price per kilogram of the petal.
  • Wedding rings, eternal symbols of your bond, can also be a special gift from the wedding witnesses. This gesture can represent a deep bond of friendship and affection, as well as a significant way to integrate loved ones into the ceremony, keeping you within the agreed budget.
  • Wedding Favors: small treasures of gratitude for your guests. It is not necessary for these to be elaborate or expensive to be appreciated. Consider the idea of handmade items or meaningful donations to charities in the name of the guests. What matters is the thought and intention of thanking those who share the journey of marriage with you, and this can be done in many ways, always reflecting your heart and your awareness of expenditure.

Remember, dear brides and grooms, that respecting the budget is the background music that will allow you to dance lightly at your wedding party, with the certainty that every choice has been made with love, attention, and mutual consideration.

The art of being a balancer: the role of the Wedding Planner

I know, I haven’t given you any magic key to solve the problem of the economic organization of the reception yet. In fact, the Wedding Planner is not even considered as an expense to be planned, precisely in terms of saving.

The role of the Wedding Planner is sometimes underestimated but, I assure you, is the most precious ally you can have.

In the collective imagination, it is perceived as a luxury, but it is an investment that guarantees you peace of mind and a perfectly orchestrated event. My task is to weave every detail together, to harmonize suppliers like notes in a symphony, and above all, to protect your investment by avoiding unpleasant surprises. Collaborating with a wedding planner does not just mean having someone who takes care of every aspect of the organization of your special day, but it also means relying on an expert who knows where and how to allocate resources, often with the possibility of accessing preferential rates and avoiding hidden costs. My experience is at your service not only to build the wedding of your dreams but also to do so while respecting the budget you have established together.


Francesco – FM Wedding and Events

P.S. And remember, in the journey of marriage, the destination is wonderful, but the journey together is what really counts.