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Marriage is a big step,
the beginning of a journey together, along a lifetime.

FM Wedding and Events is by your side
to guide you in the best way
for the perfect success of the event

So you can live to the fullest
the emotions of your day:
“memories are the scent of your life together”

The Bride

As in any self-respecting fairy tale, the real protagonist is a princess, and for this day you are the princess.
The bride never leaves anything to chance: the emotion starts from the choice of the dress, up to the make-up and hairstyle. Details make the difference, and FM Wedding and Events is ready to help you choose what makes every bride feel special and wonderful. Remember: ‘dreams are wishes’… we will help you make them come true.

The Groom

In every enchanted story, next to the princess there is always the brave prince who wins her heart. On the most important day, the prince is you, the groom. Your elegance and charm shine in every gesture, from the careful choice of the wedding dress to the attention to detail that makes you unique. FM Wedding and Events is at your side to advise and guide you on your journey towards the perfect “yes”, enhancing your style and making this day unforgettable. Remember: ‘love is the greatest magic’… and we will be your allies in making it shine.

Preparativi FioriPreparativi Fiori


In every enchanted adventure, the magic takes shape thanks to the preparations that precede the grand finale. The wedding preparations are the essence that transforms a dream into reality, from the choice of the perfect place, to the setting of the tables, to the arrangement of the flowers and to the thousand nuances that create the fairytale atmosphere. FM Wedding and Events works with passion and dedication to weave together every detail, so that your love story is an unforgettable masterpiece. Remember: ‘every fairy tale has its charm’… and we are here to give life to yours.



The highlight of any love story is the ceremony, the magical instant when two hearts join and their love becomes eternal. The ceremony is the pinnacle of emotion, where gazes meet, promises are exchanged and love is celebrated in front of the eyes of family and friends. FM Wedding and Events takes care of every aspect of this unforgettable moment with skill and sensitivity, making sure that your “yes” is wrapped in a unique and enchanting atmosphere. Remember: ‘love is the golden thread that unites every story’… and we are here to weave it into your fairy tale.


After the happy ending of each fairy tale, the adventure continues with an unforgettable journey into the realm of love: the honeymoon. It’s the time when newlyweds explore new horizons together, sharing unique experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime. FM Wedding and Events will guide you in choosing the perfect destination for your honeymoon, taking into account your wishes and dreams, because every couple deserves a magical and romantic start in their new life together. Remember: ‘every journey begins with a step’… and we will be by your side to accompany you on your journey of love.