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“Eight-legged” events: when dogs are part of the wedding


What rules to follow to have our faithful friends by our side?

Dear brides and grooms,

The boundaries between family and our four-legged friends are becoming increasingly blurred, so it’s no surprise that the desire to include our loyal companions in the most important day of our lives has become a heartfelt choice for many. Today, I want to talk to you, animal lovers, who see your dogs not just as pets, but as true family members, beloved beings who share with you the joys and sorrows of everyday life.

It often happens that “eight-legged” couples tell me right from the first meeting that among the guests there will also be someone hairier than others… and that they will have a place of honor!

Taking on this request from the spouses for me is a real commitment, because I know it must be managed with the utmost care, as it goes beyond beauty, taste, and scents. It’s about giving attention and well-being to a friend for whom even more attention is required than for the two-legged guests.

A special presence that enriches the wedding

Imagine the moment of your ceremony, outdoors under a clear sky or as you emerge smiling and excited from the church, greeted not only by the applause of your loved ones but also by the joyful wagging of your dogs’ tails who can’t wait to run to you and affirm your promise of love, jumping up to your neck and covering you with kisses, or rolling over on their backs waiting for cuddles. Their presence makes the moment even more special, an image that will remain etched in your memories and photographs, a symbol of the unconditional love that binds you. It’s no coincidence that when couples invite me to flip through their album, I often find three hearts beating in unison on the cover.

The well-being of our faithful friends

Including dogs in your wedding also means thinking about their comfort and well-being throughout the entire day. For this reason, it is essential to consider having a professional figure who will take care of them, taking them for walks and ensuring they have moments of relaxation. A dedicated space, away from the hustle and bustle, will allow them to rest, play, and eat in peace, respecting their needs. It is important to remember that, despite the enthusiasm of including them, we must be careful not to expose them to situations that could stress or frighten them, like fireworks or very loud sounds. Their safety and serenity must be a priority. And, when the party reaches its climax, it’s only right that they can return home, where they can rest after a day full of emotions.

We have friends, relatives, colleagues by our side… Our furry friends, however, have only us as their entire world, and we have the privilege of sharing it with them. Their presence at our wedding is not just a gesture of love towards us but a recognition of their irreplaceable place in our lives. It is through the eyes of these faithful companions that we understand the true essence of love: unconditional, pure, and eternal.

Dear brides and grooms, the wedding is a day of celebration, not only for you but for all those you love, including your dogs. Taking care of them, on this day as always, is the best way to show how much you love them and how important they are to you, and it must be done with responsibility and never lightly. The wedding planner can help you identify their needs so that the day is truly a celebration for all of you.

With affection,

Francesco – FM Wedding and Events