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When the Wedding Favor becomes a tasty memory

Edible Favors: an original and delicious alternative

Dear brides, grooms, and friends,

We recently shared some truly special edible favors on our social media: refined liquor bottles that have been a huge success. This post sparked an idea in a dear friend, a future groom, who contacted me for advice on alternatives to edible favors. This led me to reflect on the importance of favors in a wedding: they are not just an object to display, but a true symbol of the event, becoming a tasty and appreciated memory for the guests.

The symbolic value of the favor

The favor represents a piece of the story of the bride and groom and their big day. It’s a symbol of gratitude and affection, a tangible memory that guests take home. Choosing the right favor means finding the perfect balance between meaning and usefulness, something that doesn’t end up forgotten in a drawer or on a shelf.

That’s why edible favors are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to their symbolic value, they also offer a unique sensory experience. Think of artisanal sweets, homemade jams, flavored olive oils, or, as in our case, small bottles of liquor. These gifts not only delight the palate but also tell a story: that of regional traditions, a passion for quality food, and a love for the little things done with care.

FM Wedding and Events proposals

As a wedding planner, I help each couple choose the perfect favor, always looking for proposals that meet the tastes (literally😀) of the bride and groom. Here are some original ideas we’ve created for some friends:

  1. Artisanal Honey: A jar of locally harvested honey can symbolize sweetness and prosperity.
  2. Aromatic Salt: A mix of sea salt with aromatic herbs, ideal for cooking enthusiasts.
  3. Customized Teas and Infusions: A selection of teas and infusions, perhaps with a blend specially created for the bride and groom.

These favors go beyond appreciation for taste: they become a vivid memory of the wedding, a way to relive the experience every time they are used. Even better once we have personalized them with the names, the date, or the caricature of the bride and groom.

The touch of the Wedding Planner

The wedding planner always seeks to guide the couple in choosing details that make their day unforgettable. It’s not about “suggesting options”: your wedding planner listens to your stories and desires to find that perfect solution that speaks about you. Desires are pieces of a puzzle that I build, piece by piece, to give the final “wow” that every couple looks for on their special day. After all, the favor is a message of love to the guests, a thank you for sharing such an important moment.

Dear brides and grooms, choosing the right favor is a small but significant aspect of your wedding. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities, and remember that every detail, including the favor, is an opportunity to tell your love story.

With love,

Francesco – FM Wedding and Events